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Makan Post-it (2) – Tis’ the season to get hairy | November 8, 2008

No, a reversal of the evolutionary process to look like our primate ancestors isn’t the new sexy. Getting your hands dirty is :P

First, the tools you’ll need:


Introducing your hairy subject:

                         Hairy Crab

(Steamed Hairy Crab – $39.90)

*Step-by-step process censored due to the gory, messy nature of mutilating (crab) parts*

Source of buried treasure unveiled:

                         Crab Roe

Yup, that’s supposed to be the highlight of consuming hairy crabs – its rich, cholestrol-laden crab roe. Eaten with dark vinegar and ginger shreds, papilles thought it tasted no different from the roe of other crab species. Be prepared to expend some effort before you get a taste of hairy crab meat; you’ve got to literally snap every single leg of the crab and dig out the flesh with the tools pictured above. The end result is tiny shreds of crab meat, a plate covered in crab hair and tired fingers. Papilles concludes “Too much hassle for too little returns” :neutral:

For those who are curious about the taste of hairy crab, there was too little of it to leave an impression on my palate. I did recall though that it wasn’t as sweet and as tasty as I’d heard some people rave about. Still, if you’re looking for a first-hand experience of dissecting crabs, head down to Din Tai Fung now as these crabs are currently in season :)

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