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Where to find cheap Japanese cuisine | August 28, 2008

And we’re not just talking cheap food, it has to be decent-tasting stuff at the very least. Craving a Jap bento set or some curry udon yet holding back cos’ of the dreaded +++ that raise your bill beyond belief? Well, now you can satisfy those cravings and still be light on your wallet :) If you happen to live near the western side of this sunny isle, there’s the option of hopping over to the canteen at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at NUS; the Japanese food sold there is tasty and at student-friendly prices naturally. If a “journey to the West” sounds best to you only when it’s with reference to a book title, sit up and keep the following name in memory - Mansaku. I’m not too sure what this means in Japanese or if it’s even Japanese, but I do know that it works out to be somewhere along the lines of “cheap & good Jap food” for me :P

                        Salmon Set

Their popular Salmon Set. And I can see why too – The salmon fillets were fresh and pan-fried just right, doused with a sweet-salty sauce. The side of freshly shredded cabbage provided an added crunch. My only complaint was that the rice was a bit lumpy that day, but that is a minor gripe. With a meal like this costing under $7, they really don’t leave you much room to nit-pick ;)


Business is so brisk that the owners, who used to operate both lunch and dinner shifts, need only open for lunch now. That means the stall is open from 11.30am till everything’s sold out (which usually doesn’t stretch beyond late afternoon) 8O Check out their Teriyaki Chicken set as well. The chicken is well-marinated, and the sauce fragrant without being overly salty like most teriyaki sauces used everywhere else.


#01-93 Golden Mile Food Centre (Beach Road)

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